's Demise and Rebirth

Awhile back, the SpamBob website provided the capability for users to create email addresses on the fly. This was really useful for online registrations, especially for those sites that did not support the "plus addressing" feature that some email servers allow. I used the SpamBob service for quite a few email addresses during the time it was in operation. If I had known that it would not be around that long, I would not have used it. When they quit operation, I was stuck with a lot of registrations for various sites that I could not change the email address on because they needed to send confirmation emails to my previous SpamBob email address. I recently noticed that the domain had been allowed to expire, so I decided to purchase it so that I could retrieve any emails that were sent to my SpamBob email addresses from now on. I am not providing this capability as a commercial service, I just did it for my own use. If someone else needs to reactivate their email address, I would be willing to do it for $2.00 per email address. I did not purchase the or the domains, so if you were using email addresses from those domains, I can't help you. If you are interested in this, contact me at:

admin-581 (at) spambob (dot) net

You can also use PayPal to initiate the payment and it will send me a message with your desired user ID and password if you fill in the following form:

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Email ID to Create

Some people have asked me why I charge if I'm going to charge so little and since PayPal ends up taking a good portion of it. The reason is that I'm doing this all manually (i.e. there are not automated scripts handling it) and by doing it this way, only the people who really need it will do it. The people who are looking for free email accounts will just go to,, or wherever. This is strictly done as a favor for those of us who were left in a lurch by the demise of

So, if you really need your account to be recreated, I can do it. Just use the above PayPal form. You'll receive a 50M POP3 email account with whatever email address you specify. To prevent it from filling up and your email bouncing, I would suggest that you periodically log in, download your email, and delete the old email off the server. Spam is usually fairly small, so 50M should last a pretty good amount of time so you should not have to check and delete it every day.

Special Promotion

If you are one of the Texas members of the CastBoolits web forum, I will create a directory for you store photos that you can use in your forum posts. I just ask that you not abuse this and only store lower resolution images so that it doesn't negatively affect my bandwidth allotment.